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The falls and challenges we face in life are unpredictable but certain to acknowledge the unforeseen circumstances, in our formidable nature to persevere and ride.
It’s unarguably right to note that we are in a heterogeneous society, and as such, the positions in government and its appointments must not be in every hands to satisfy all, but distinctively appropriated to sound minds, with tested reputable profile; personalities who are credible, reliable, accountable, with certified history of verified integrity to be assigned for the services of this country.
Notwithstanding, everyone in their personal intellectual qualification, understanding and wisdom deserves a position to contribute to the positive affairs of Nigeria as a citizen, yet everyone must not be in power at same time but the target is for the proceeds of the administration to reach all. Sentiments are not in anyway an option, in appointment of any sensitive position, especially on that which relates to the direct reach and connection to human affairs.
The Question is: How is this ministry of humanitarian affairs even a dust raising issue?, Is it the creation of the ministry and the benefits of its initiation or is it Honourable Hajiya sadiya umar farouq as the minister?.
A call to serve is basically different from a chance to leap at, as the true act of service is rather energy demanding especially in fields of humanitarian crises affairs, where the choice is voluntary because of its convoluted tasks.
Honourable sadiya umar farouq is not far from this appointment, filled with strenuous tasks, energy draining obligations and work load distribution, which is seen in her daily engagements, as her ministry is one of the most physical and mental energy demanding portfolios; yet she wasn’t mandated, she could have declined an appointment of such task, if she was as fragile (to be a mistress), on the derisory instigation of some people (@farooqkperogi, @eunice_atuejide). The profound commitment and loyalty of Hajiya sadiya umar farouq over previous tasks, has giving her the opportunity in her passion to serve and the privilege to give her energy where she is fitted.
A call to serve, with such an energy demanding task can only befit, a young zealous and experienced personality in a previous related field, which in the wisdom of President Buhari, has chosen her in an unbiased mind to serve, based on her record of integrity, accountability and exposure is considered best in all ramifications to be bestowed with the position.
In less than 3 months of her appointment as the minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, her efficiency and dedicated Will to serve is already being felt. Since her inception, she has been immeasurable more active in ensuring to deliver a positive result with her extraordinary initiatives and invented platforms.

The balance of thoughts isn’t measured by the degree you have, not by the certificate you hold but on the unbiased wisdom of your reasoning. @farooqkperogi. Psychology has it that “Minds of mentally disordered persons attack without reasoning”, should it be proven right and correct to therefore say that, the likes of Mr farooq kperogi with prefix of PhD, alongside persons of similar derogation are psychologically challenged on their incessant, unverifiable and baseless critics, lamenting all over social media on the actions of this government, citing nepotism and to the most delusional conclusion of insinuating a line of an unbalanced statement, bringing the name of Honourable Hajiya sadiya umar farouq as a mistress to President buhari into his context.
Frustration is sadly a cancer of the mind, relating to the fact that the reason for actions like this is not far from his misfortune of not getting an appointment in this administration. Oh, how individuals with narcissistic disorder forgets that their steps are traceable back to the genesis of their approach. How could you have forgotten in a haste your desperate quest to gain a seat of appointment in this regime, through your pestering calls to the presidency, for a loby. Confirming your desperate actions as inappropriate, an act of corruption, unethically imbalanced for the growth of this government, while the stigma of your debauchery lingers, which wasn’t healthy for the image of this government and your quest was flunked, thus subjecting you to a frustrated low life personality.

Truly birds of same feathers flock together, It’s quite delusional how some deranged attackers, judges the life of others with their own treacherous incentive daily living. @eunice_atuejide, The fact that you are able to achieve your little fortune of half baked daily sustainable living through mischievous conducts of being a mistress to some influencers of your daily bread, hoping from pillar to post on beds, should not make you think it’s an order of life. Little are the heights of those who crave for greatness, but resolve to shallow based fact propagandas, to gain audience on social networks, building walls instead of bridges.
It’s highly disheartening that as we crave for an administration of young minds, yet we criticize its initiation. Where are the women who needs to feel our gender incorporated in the affairs of the government, but some have chosen to be a bunch of insensitive morons, who discredits every inch of positivity with their negative lifestyle.
Sweet fabrications are always juicy to tell but the instigator forgets that the truth only increases the integrity of the accused, for every story has two sides.


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