Uchechukwu Samuel

The true existence of our being is tested by the challenges we face, yet we prevail at each thrown obstacle, either by self aid or privilege from external humanitarian assistance, but in all we are resuscitated and keep living.
Challenges are inevitable in life but then some are disastrous to human beings, the shock leaves a long time stigma. Some of these disasters are natural while others are humanly influenced, but which ever way they are termed, humanitarian disasters as these events affect human lives, by threatening our health, safety and well-being; but not withstanding our exposure to chances of being victims varies pending on where we find ourselves, which on most circumstances are beyond our personal capability to choose.

In most cases these are as a result of our biological placements, biological settings, place of origin, our settlements and other related natural disposition that we can’t change but accept by fate. It’s often not by choice that we find ourselves in trying predicaments rather by fate which makes no one an exemption.

As human beings our coexistence is a chain of resourceful collaboration to ease the challenges of another through humanitarian services which is the sole benefit of human coexistence, to ease the challenges of one another, as we are relatively helpless at the occurrence of such disasters.

Nigeria like many other countries are no different from the proliferated disruptive situations of disaster around our states. It’s undeniable to note that Nigeria has suffered a great number of disasters which have posed a lot of challenges and threats to lives and properties of her citizens all over the country.

Every situation has a solution and every solution is initiated by the wisdom of man to conquer his challenges in life for a comfortable living. This wisdom and initiative are not far from the ideas of President Buhari on the creation of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development on the 21st of August 2019, and appointing Honourable Hajiya Safiya Umar Farouq to head the ministry.

The issue of humanitarian affairs and disaster management is a very sensitive one that concerns the government and general public as it’s a collective work that needs a general support as benefits are quite enormous.

“Compassionate hearts are engaged up with compassionate goals” and Honourable minister Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq is not far from the heart of a compassionate mother who understands the adverse effects of Nigerians who have found themselves in such situations, stressing vividly that women and children are mostly exposed and vulnerable at any disaster strike. It’s not only because of her credible profile that she will deliver, but of her charisma which stands no comparison to delegate her duties efficiently. It’s unarguable to note that she has a lot in her portfolio to dispense to actualize this goal.

Who are victims of disasters? Any body can be a victim, these are people whom disasters have displaced of their basic sustainable means of livelihood, exposing them to more life threats and even vulnerable to death.

Be informed that both the rich and the poor are affected but poor people are more vulnerable and finds it more difficult to quick recovery due to their life setting where resources to bounce back is quite difficult to reach again. They are challenged with lack of medical aids, insufficient recuperating amenities and scarcity of other essential basic means of living.

A sustainable support system at times of these emergencies are highly demanding and helps in retaining a good mental stability among the affected, for the trauma brings about an instant psychological imbalance, but with this new ministry on ground, her resources and experience services will ensure an ease in all ramifications through a sustainable provision for those affected.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of having the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development? Prompt response to situations of such are of a huge relief but then added provisions of *Emergency health aid services *Child care protection services *Shelter *Education for children *Humanitarian protection, *Humanitarian advocacy, *Food and water provision, *Financial scheme program, *Child birth and labour services for women and many more.
People who are struck with disasters posses incredible capabilities for survival beyond imagination and deserves these benefits for rapid recovery.

Humanitarian aids are targeted at their relief, sending hopes, saving lives and strengthening communities faced with such predicaments.

The methodologies of Honorable Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq to actualize this purpose is an unarguable accredited functional thesis for she is experienced with her past exposures in a related field and the benefits of the creation of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development ministry can not be overemphasized for it’s highly sensitive and a new breath of hope, strength to all affected by any disaster in one way or another.



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