The Integrity of the New Ministries


We have warned about this before; now, permit us to bring you this gentle reminder, “do not allow the man who shattered your roof with stones chase away to man committed to fixing it for you” .

Before President Muhammadu Buhari took over in 2015; Nigeria was already pressurized with conflicts, insurgency, banditry and natural disasters which triggered displacements and attracted a rather weak emergency response.

Apart from the insurgency and banditry, in 2012, the then government had to rely on goodwill donations of individuals to attempt salvaging the devastating impact of a ravaging flood that ripped through Nigeria and overwhelmed the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

We all also witnessed the mass and pathetic displacement of our brethren from the Northeast by the insurgency which birthed internally displaced persons camps (IDPs) in almost uncoordinated numbers.

President Muhammadu Buhari upon taking over the mantle of leadership; understood that Nigeria is too big to rely on make-shift mechanisms to bring reliable solutions to these challenges even though his astute strategies have strangled the encroachment of the insurgency to a gasping range.

While perfecting his systematic approach; other well meaning Nigerians were also innovatively aligning their thoughts with eventual possibilities and one of them was a Honourable member of the green chamber from Gigawa state, Sani Zoro, who bravely stood on the floor of the house  to suggest the establishment of a Federal Ministry to engage with the humanitarian sector in form of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs to engage with the widespread humanitarian issues in every Nigerian on long term basis.

This and other suggestions alike in line with the unequalled concern of the President to permanently bulldoze these challenges birthed this new Ministry with balanced architectural structure to intervene for all Nigerians vertically and horizontally.

Therefore; only a cheap blackmailer with kwashiokored mentality will access this monumental achievement and be struck with an epileptic thought that the Ministry was designed in favour of a single individual or to water down an existing office in disfavor of any other principal in this administration.

Nigeria is bigger than any individual interest and President Muhammadu Buhari still belongs to nobody but everybody including you.

Can’t you see that their lies are too nonsensical? They are weeping and wailing because President Muhhamadu Buhari is rebuilding our walls of defense and safety, the same walls these wailers crushed and made you vulnerable.

My fellow good citizens of Nigeria; with the above reconcilable facts; we all can now understand clearly that The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management is a perfect structure to give meaningful coordination to commissions like North East Development Commission, NEMA and other emergency and disaster intervention bodies across the nation.

The leadership of this strategic setup did not in any way emanate from biased favoritism which is not in the corporate DNA of our dear President; whosoever is heading this Ministry is only another fragment of integrity sliced out of the core values of what the entire team of this present administration represents.

It is also worthy of note that the Minister, in the person of Sadiya Umar Faruk enjoys no special sentiments other than being a worthy Nigerian found weighty on the scale of industry and honesty and couldn’t have been involved in any corruption indictment as peddled by some parasitic homo-sapiens whose mission in Nigeria is to kill, steal and destroy.

Congratulations my fellow Nigerians because, in all, we know better now and we have gone too far in good tracks to entertain distractions.

Sincerely brought to you by continuity in governance initiative (CIGI)




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