In the words of imotep, “the sleeping pills administered to a dead man is nothing but a collosal waste of positive curiosity” this great Egyptian philosopher must have fore-seen the unfortunate conception of one farooq kperogi whose birth and contagious existence mean nothing but regrets to humanity.

Therefore; our response to his vocal diarhrrea will be quite minimal to the point of only saving your sound reasons from his Ebola-ic communicable terrorism.

For a supposed professor of communication to pen down mischiefs against a newly set up life-saving ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social interventions; the first of it’s kind in Africa, Farooq kperogi must have been part of the problem this ministry is trying to solve.

1: Farooq kperogi is a rampaging smuggler, yes, you heared me right…just like so many economic saboteurs are wailing and clamouring for the re-opening of the closed land borders in the interest of their parasitic adventures; this professional lunatic is busy smuggling lies, deceptions and emotional attacks into rational spaces to force the re-opening of our mental borders which has been successfully closed to deception.

2: Farooq kperogi is a hidden sponsor of genocide in Nigeria…yes, how best can you describe a man whose only mission is to discredit a strategic ministry whose primary, secondary and tertiary objective is to save lives especially in emergencies? How can one insensitive agent of death put on a mask of destructive intellect and proudly stand in between the progressive intervention for over 180 million people?

3: Farooq is a syndicate to bokoharam, bandits and all human aided disasters in Nigeria. How?
His singular interest against the government’s timely response to the cries of many innocent citizens with unfounded rumors are only but confirmations that his source of livilihood has been blocked by the setting up of the ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social interventions. Which will not only carter for the victims but motivate and cordinate the umbrella agencies to do more in the fight.

4: Farook kperogi is a goat, why? He has a polygastric system, goats pull up and re-chew what their digestive system has condemed for excretion; in 2015, this political parasite considered himself fit for a favourable appointment, but for the ever vigilance of President Muhamnadu Buhari led administration, his professional lunatism would have been mistaken for expertise which could have wrecked a smooth sailing ship of our progressive governance. My dear good citizens of Nigeria, the venom of a beheaded snake is ten times more is on rampage, his name is Farooq kperogi; please, kindly delete his posts from your gadgets, don’t click, don’t download, don’t read…your mental space is too unique to absorb his junks.

He is a bipolar who should be helped by those who cheer him up at least to rest in a medical facility.
Those who left their children under his tutorlage as a lecturer should also accept our unreserved sympathy.

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